Community design

For us, community design means involving communities in decision-making and innovation processes. It means starting from needs and desires to build shared solutions in order to make each project an opportunity for collective growth.

Related services: community driven design; community organizing; facilitation; shared decision-making processes; collective and collaborative growth


Collaborative Innovation

The innovation we believe in is a circular process, a diffuse, mutual and sustainable one. It is not about a single function, but about the whole organization and the context in which it operates.

Related Services: incubation for businesses, communities and business ecosystems; open innovation processes; research and development; support for business start-ups and product and services innovation


Business design

We provide the tools to transform a project into a cohesive business, in order to collectively rethink the identity of the organization, to enter new markets or to support business repositioning, to make the organization more efficient and to value talents and aptitudes.

Related Services: strategic marketing and positioning analysis; sharing and corporate alignments on the values of the organization; collective value proposition creation and market recognition; collaborative business modeling.


Capacity building

Capacity building means to enhance the skills and the attitudes of a work team, in order to align it with the value proposition of the company and, consequently, to make it more efficient and effective.

Related Services: empowerment of work teams; company reorganization toward a bossless approach; corporate training; tools development for mutuality and occupational welfare; impact assessment.


Education and Training

We collaborate with different educational institutions and companies in order to provide training and to conduct academic courses on social innovation, circular economy, sustainability, open innovation and bossless organizations.

Related Services: courses on business start-up; education on co-design and facilitation tools; education on collaborative innovation; education and training on social innovation, rapid prototyping, lean organizing; design and implementation of training programs.


Urban Regeneration

We help public and private subjects in regenerating forgotten places starting from their community, in order to convert them into a collaborative response to the desires and needs of the territory, generating cultural and business proposals and inclusive policies for the community.

Related Services: Temporary or permanent reuse of abandoned places; Co-design of services and products for the community.

Kilowatt is a hybrid organization, and so are the services it offers: we do not believe in clear boundaries and in rigid categories. Innovation moves by breaking the rules. Therefore, our consulting activities start and adapt to the needs and objectives of our clients. If you did not find the service you were looking for or you want to discuss an innovative project with us, please write an email to gaspare@kilowatt.bo.it and nicoletta@kilowatt.bo.it